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Residing In: Thiensville, WI USA
Spouse/Partner: Mindy
Occupation: Please see comments below
Children: Michael, born 1992
Attorney - Nelson, Krueger & Millenbach, LLC (Wauwatosa)
Yes! Attending Reunion


I am married to Mindy (Horn) Edwards (Nicolet Class of 79) with a son, Michael (born 4/6/92), residing in Thiensville, WI. A nostalgic note: Barb Cotey-Fischer was the delivery room nurse when Michael was born.

Mindy retired after 25 years of service due to health issues. As a Flavor Chemist, her work focus involved matching/developing flavors for a wide variety of applications from foods, medicines, tobacco, and more. She has not allowed MS & other auto-immune challenges interfere with her staying involved. She has become a crafty, prolific designer of jewelry and tableware.

Michael graduated from the Marquette School of Law (2017) and is now practicing family law in Wauwatosa, WI. My twin sisters, Lisa & Lynne are '76 Nicolet alums.



In 2013, I launched "Fix-My-Bytes" - specializing in PC computer/laptop repairs, on-site/remote servicing, used computer sales & e-waste recycling. In 2019, I started to help people in the Mac world. Generally, I cover the Milwaukee metro area/SE Wisconsin for on-site service, but sell/ship computers/laptops nation-wide, including remote support. I strive to help all my clients to "feel in control" while not getting "ripped off". A number of my clients are '73 & other Nicolet alumni & faculty. I am also very active with the Glendale-North Shore Chamber of Commerce.

I earned CompTIA/A+ certification for computer servicing - a difficult exam to pass (2013).



Prior to "Fix-My-Bytes," I was a Professional Organizer, employed by Action Organizing Services LLC (Milwaukee). I am in 3 of 4 episodes we filmed for A&E's "Hoarders" & TLC's "Hoarding: Buried Alive" - including a few brief snippets of me at work (the most famous clip - scooping up a rotted pumpkin in a bio-hazard suit). The reruns of these episodes continue to run on cable & past episodes can be viewed on A&E and TLC's websites (if you have a stomach for it).

I continue to provide web-content support for the Glendale-North Shore Chamber of Commerce as well as this NICOLET '73 Web portal (with Rick Bernstein).



My interests & activities evolve from what you might expect of a "Geek" - computer revitalization, writing, "Words With Friends" (Facebook) & rummaging in the electronics & LP/CD areas of the local Goodwill. :-)



I maintain a collection of (mainly) classical/opera/jazz/blues/folk/musical recordings (CD's/LP's/tapes). On radio, my favorite programs are 'Prairie Home Companion," "Metropolitan Opera Broadcasts," "Blues Breakers (WXRT-Chicago), and "The Midnight Special (WFMT-Chicago) and Jazz-Blues Programming on WDCB (College of DuPage, Glen Ellyn, IL). Of course, I listen to the "Brew Crew" on radio & TV too.



Baseball - - Milwaukee Brewers!



In 2001, I assisted a close friend (Leonard "Oakie" Brumm) to publish and promote a book ("We Only Played Homes Games - Wacky, Raunchy, Humorous Stories of Sports & Other Events in Michigan's Maximum Security Prison). "Oakie" was the first recreation director for a SuperMax (Marquette, MI - early 1950's). It is true that the Detroit Red Wings actually played a hockey game against Oakie's "Prison Pirates" at the prison hockey rink. The book has been read world-wide and still is available for purchase.


(you've actually read this far??):

My years at Nicolet (and Maple Dale) were blessed with many great friendships. I thoroughly enjoyed working on three reunion committees & building on classmate friendships of those that I didn't know or know well. I am really intrigued by how close our class of '73 really is & that we continue to support each other - thru the good & challenging milestones.

School Story:

My extra-curricular activities included Forensics, Debate, Concert Band & Student Council. One of the "hot buttons" was the Hot Lunch Program overhaul (without fatalities), establishing/locating the "Smoking Lounges" and of course, the memorable rebirth of "Frontage Road" to "Jean Nicolet Road." "Once upon a time" when Nicolet & many school districts had money - do you remember when the administration hired monitors to ensure that no one was smoking in the Johns? Their sole purpose was to "re-direct the offenders" to the designated smoking area (in the back in a lower concrete slab under "F-wing").

Also, I recall (or should forget) the personal "honor" of being elected the Morp King during our Junior year. :-)

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BILL EDWARDS has left an In Memory comment for Richard HUXTABLE HUX.
Feb 21, 2021 at 3:34 PM

Just thought I would share a couple of short tidbits regarding "Coach Hux".

I saw him last February ('20) at a Nicolet Athletic Hall of Fame Event, in attendance for "71" Jeff "Jorgy" Jorgensen who was being inducted in the wrestling category. Mr. Huxtable was in attendance, as well as Mr. Doug Irwin. Anyway, I had a chance to chat with him briefly after the ceremony. He looked great,  was sharp, and shared a few memorable recollections from coaching. I was not aware at the time that he was working on his memoirs that we have all learned just was published.

The 2nd recollection is about playing volleyball offered thru the Nicolet Rec. Dept. Our volleyball "regulars" were mostly Nicolet alumni, which set up fun volleyball games, but "delightful trash talk" that were a esstential componet. I can't think of anything specific, but to to share with you that Mr. Huxtable was involved with the Adult program, and frequently stopped at the "old gym" where we played to take in our relativcely unorthodox methods on the  "court." He really seemed to get a kick out of it and a smile - to take in all of our delightful, spirited nonsense combined with a casual interpretation of the rules. When he was involved with Adult Ed - lots of fun - direct & indirect.

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BILL EDWARDS has left an In Memory comment for TOM MEITNER.
Aug 01, 2020 at 12:27 AM

Tom lived in our neighborhood and was on our bus. Tom & I were also in sophomore English with Mr. Ron Ernst. I don't ever recall seeing Tom in anything except a good demeanor. He was mischieveously animated in a unique, "Tom Meitner style" and possessed that touch of synacism that I personally relish in mankind to this very day. In Mr. Ernst's English class, I remember one particular incident at the beginning of one particular session. For those of you who remember, Ron Ernst had his own playful style of teaching and he opened this particular session with one of his Ernst-isms'. I was sitting kitty-corner across from Tom and I heard Tom mutter under his breath "Ahhhhh Shadddup!". Apparently the muttering was sufficiently audible enough for Mr. Ernst hear. So subsequently, he turns his head to Tom's grinning face with a big round smile and offers this most profound, probing question: "Would Tommy like to leave???" That quickly capped this little ditty but with special kudos to Tom, this is just one of those things that made attending classes so pleasurable. Now, that you're "upstairs" Tom, undoubtedly you will pick right up where you left off, but while here, you achieved well for yourself, married/raised a wonderful family, kept your Modine co-workers safe, and not at all surprising that you were big community contributor with a diverse range of hobbies & interests. G-d Bless Tom. We will miss you.


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BILL EDWARDS has left an In Memory comment for MIKE KROEGER.
Jan 23, 2019 at 8:33 PM

When I think of Mike during our Nicolet years, everything I associate with him is exceedingly positive. He was outgoing, compassionate, good natured, and of course very well-liked amongst us all. After high school & college, Mike stayed active in Glendale, and the Nicolet High School district - - with the recreation dept. & teaching. I am sad that he has left us too early. R.I.P. Mike.

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Jun 04, 2016 at 8:33 PM

Kathy Schultz Raddatz best describes how I remember Joan. Indeed she was sweet, bubbly, loved to laugh - - and of course very bright. The same warmth radiates with twin brother Jim as I recall. As everyone has expressed, I too was very stunned to learn of this from Darcie and can't help but question why those among us are taken from us so early when yet there should be a lot of life and new chapters to still write. G-dspeed to twin brother Jim, family, loved ones and to those among us who were very close to Joan.


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Apr 19, 2016 at 4:33 PM

Paul & I became acquainted our freshman year in homeroom. (For the record, our homeroom teacher was Dave Arnott and we were in F-Wing library.) We would share a library table with a couple others as Mr. Arnott and the morning announcements were read from the PA.

What can I say about Paul? He was 100% nice, friendly, engaging - - - not any hang-ups, facades - a person who almost always had a smile on his face.

Paul was a "go-with-the-flow" type of gent. That doesn't he wouldn't speak his mind if he had to, but he non-controversial,didn't make waves - - could get along with just about anyone..

In later years, Paul & I would chat on occasion as we both were in the printing industry for many years.At his print/grapbics shop on the east side (Milwaukee), the shop culture was also friendly, non-stress - but Paul & his staff were all hard workers and with 100% integrity.

I was saddened to learn that such a nice human being such as Paul had to struggle with Parkinson's Disease. At least he is no longer suffering - but I will miss Paul. G-dspeed.




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BILL EDWARDS has a birthday today.
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Posted: Dec 16, 2013 at 11:41 PM
Bill Edwards working in the kitchen of
a severe hoarding-challenged client
during the filming from A&E's "Hoarders" (Premier episode - aired August, 2009).
Posted: Mar 07, 2014 at 12:00 AM
Doctor's Park Picnic (Summer 1971)
Seated L-R: Jill James, Nancy Cox & Barb Petersen ('74)
Standing L-R: Bill Brase, Andy Palay, Linda Reck ('74) & Mike Reck.
Posted: Mar 07, 2014 at 12:00 AM
Doctor's Park Picnic (Summer 1971): Bill Edwards and Jill James.