#35 EVENT (3) Sat. 8/2/08

The evening began as we gathered outside the Hyatt Regency Ball Room to register and reconnect with many classmates and teachers we hadn't seen in decades!

Then, it was time to go inside and sit down so the evening could begin! Rick Bernstein asked for everyone to sit so we could start the evening! Then, it was time to start the show! First came the announcements, commencing with the honoring of our classmates and teachers that served in the military ...

Nicolet 1973 Reunion -
Pt. 1A - Sat Nite Ceremony - 8/2/08

Rick Bernstein begins the teacher presentations (Mr. Hochtritt, Mr. Huxtable, and Ms. Johannsen). As each teacher comes forward to receive their diplomas, they impart new wit and wisdom. (Has anyone taken up Mr. Huxtable on the AARP site?)

Nicolet 1973 Reunion - Pt. 1B
Sat Nite Ceremony - 8/2/08

The evening would not be complete without a joke from Mr. Lowder (love those Vikings) and a resounding finish from Mr. Lemon. (Do you know any Nicolet Radicals that married a Nicolet Host?)

Nicolet 1973 Reunion - Pt. 2
Sat Nite Ceremony - 8/2/08

Next it was time to introduce the classic rock band The Lovin Kind and Rick Bernstein presented them as only Ed Sullivan could!

Nicolet 1973 Reunion - Pt. 3
A Real Good Shew - 8/2/08

Classmates and teachers danced to
the music of The Lovin Kind!

Nicolet 1973 Reunion - Pt. 4
Time to Dance - 8/2/08

The roving videographer continues to film the Nicolet 73 dance floor in-motion and visit some dinner tables.

Nicolet 1973 Reunion - Pt. 4A
More Dancing and Table Visits - 8/2/08

We return for another sweep of the Nicolet 73 Dance Floor and The Lovin Kind ...

Nicolet 1973 Reunion - Pt. 4B
More Dancing and Table Visits - 8/2/08

Another tour of the Nicolet 73 Dance Floor with The Lovin Kind and a stroll into the Concourse. SMILE.

Nicolet 1973 Reunion - Pt. 4C
Do the OOH-OOH's with Me! - 8/2/08

Mr. Bernstein steps with The Lovin Kind playing a classic selection by The Doors.

Nicolet 1973 Reunion - Pt. 5
Emcee Rick Rocks Out! - 8/2/08

Johnny Kaelin honored us with his version of
Rocky Racoon accompanied by The Lovin Kind!

Nicolet 1973 Reunion - Pt. 6
Johnny Kaelin Performs ROCKY RACCOON - 8/2/08

HUX and Wendy Weingart-Bennewitz hit the Dance Floor.

Nicolet 1973 Reunion - Pt. 7
"HUX" & WENDY on the Dance Floor - 8/2/08

Mike Mueller & Sherry McCarthy break into song!

Nicolet 1973 Reunion - Pt. 8
Mike/Sherry Sing - 8/2/08

 Soon it was time for the outrageous comedy of ComedySportz. First, the cast introduces themselves to the Nicolet 73'ers & guest audience. Class participation is strongly encouraged!

Nicolet 1973 Reunion - Pt. 9
ComedySportz - How They Do It

Terese Reiter volunteers
for the first game - Fill in the Blanks...

Nicolet 1973 Reunion - Pt. 9A
Terese Reiter - Fill in the Blanks

After Terese is warmly applauded, it's time for the audience to come up with popular words and phrases from our Nicolet tenure. Were things starting to get a little frisky?

 Nicolet 1973 Reunion - Pt. 9B
Give Me Some Nicolet Words - 8/2/08

Then, it was Andrea Pederson's turn to be the victim...or was she? You decide!

Nicolet 1973 Reunion - Pt. 9C
Andrea Pedersen Acts Out
with Comedy Sportz - 8/2/08

All good things come to an end as Rick Bernstein and Sherry McCarthy walk the floor and reflect. (Yes Rick - it was a home run!)

Nicolet 1973 Reunion - Pt. 10
The Party Is Over - 8/2/08





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