Mark McElroy

Mark McElroy passed away of a heart attack in his sleep on March 31, 2012.

Mark McElroy

(posted 4/25/12 - Bill Edwards)

We received this sad notification from Mark's wife, Donna:

Mark McElroy passed away of a heart attack
in his sleep on March 31, 2012.
If anyone would like to contact me, Donna Olsen, his spouse,
my email is I'm also available on Facebook.
There are more than one Donna Olsen on Facebook,
so look for Milwaukee, WI and widowed.


Remembering Mark

Mark joined our '73 website in February. While he had been battling a varity of health issues for the past 3 years, he maintained a light, humorous disposition as represented in this e-mail reply Rick & received after welcoming him:

How do Rick & Bill, I was going to do this awhile earlier,
but the past three years for me have been riddled with
medical problems.(I'll detail maybe later) I guess that's what
the elderly do? that's according to my neice Erinn. Ha!
I'll also try to find a recent photo(s) that won't scare
the Hell out of anyone that sees it
to post later. LOL, Mark.

I recall Mark from our Nicolet days and his fondness for gadgetry. He was a member of the Nicolet A-V Center crew (remember the club advisors - Bruce Sund & Betty Minor?). Back then, Mark was also very easy going and possesing a dry sense of humor. We are fortunate that Mark was able to spend some time with us here . . .

If you would like to share your personal sentiments on knowing Mark, please do e-mail Donna McElroy ( In addition, you can opt to click on the "In Memory" link in the left column. Click on Mark's name and post your recollections. This would be a great opportunity to peruse the names of our other '73 mates & add any your thoughts there also.

For Donna, we extend our heartfelt condolences & and prayers for you and loved ones who Mark empowered. We thank you for reaching out to us to let us know - and that we hope you will continue to represent and maintain Mark's presence here.


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04/26/12 08:21 PM #1    

David Kassander

I don’t remember exactly when Mark and I met but I know we became friends as our “free” time at Nicolet was shared as “geeks” in the Audio-Visual club.  Having a common bond of enjoying technical gadgets and working on cars, we spend our high school years hanging out together spending hours after fixing cars and playing loud music late into the early morning hours (much to the dismay of our parents.) 

During high school, we must have put on 20,000 miles cruising in his orange Super Beetle hitting Slinger raceway on some Saturday nights, driving to Holy Hill just because we could,  hitting junk yards looking for that perfect auto part or hitting McDonalds for a “snack”.  Automotive and Aircraft supply also knew us by first name as we endeavored to fix up a variety of cars over the years.  It was great fun and I remember the long summer evenings working on cars with him fondly.

We went different directions after graduating, I to college and then the Air Force while he stayed in town turning his love of cars and fixing things into a career.  While we only crossed paths once during the passing decades, I thought of him often when I remembered the good times in high school. 

It is with great sadness I read of his passing.  While my memory of him will never change, I will miss my high school friend and we are all diminished by the loss of our fellow classmate.

08/18/12 01:20 PM #2    

Michael S Goodman

I remember Mark from Bayside Middle School, which we both attended from 1967-69.

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